If you build it they will come...

    I know we  aren't Kevin Costner and this isn't a Field of Dreams....or is it? Yes, indeedy folks it is heating up here in Guthrie and at Prairie Gothic. There are all sorts of new things on the horizon. First we would like to welcome to our neighborhood, Hancock Creative Shop who recently opened right next door. How lucky are we to have such nice and extremely creative people on our block? And did you hear the Bluebelle Saloon is under new ownership and will be reopening very soon! And by the smell of things it's going to be amazing! We just can hardly wait!
    Then there's the whole Make Guthrie Weird thing, which started out as just a conversation a few months ago between Shirley and her friend Becca. It was sort of a thing, wouldn't it be great if Guthrie were a little like Austin, full of creative and musical type folks who flaunt their unique-ness? Austin, has the whole Keep Austin Weird thing, all we need to do is "Make Guthrie Weird". So the phrase was coined and the beginnings of a movement were started. As we all know Guthrie has been the home of all sorts of artists for a long time and it's time we embraced that and let the rest of the world know that we are here, we are unique and please come and see for yourself.
    Next a little idea about a neighborhood block party, with neighbors joining together, visiting maybe even bring a dish for a potluck dinner would be great. A little music too, yeah just a little music to make things nice. Our girl Shirley has pretty great taste in music and other things and had been really wanting to hear this new band. Maybe you've heard of it, Escondido, maybe you caught them on the Conan O'Brien Show? Well if you haven't heard of them, get ready, cause they've agreed to play at our piddly little old block party. Seriously. Then there's the Porch Mice, if you know us, you know we love us some Porch Mice. This thing is getting bigger by the minute.
    Andy, another member of our family raises pigs, not just any old pigs either he raises happy, healthy, ethically raised gourmet quality Berkshire pork and that kid Andy, donated a hog for our little wing ding. Sounds great right? Well, Scott Hass another Guthrie-ite and founder of Union Tacos has offered to take that little old pig and make some gourmet quality tacos. And man we love us some tacos around here. There will be several other food trucks too with some A number one grub. A taste for every palate. There will be a lot of businesses represented.
    Now for the kiddies, the Hancocks have planned some water balloon fights, some other kid activities and James Long has offered to provide an awesome state of the art moon bounce. Lots of fun for the little ones!
    There will be a lot of local business represented there. So now a simple little old block party has evolved to a moving block party with a few more planned during the summer, to celebrate the businesses in each area, invite our Guthrie neighbors and any one who wants to enjoy our down home hospitality. We may call it weird but what we really mean is especially different in great way!



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