A Change of Seasons!

We can feel it in the air, the beginning of our most favorite season! We are so thrilled about it all that we will be offering our shoppers a free gift with every purchase of $10 or more all week! Stop in say hello and get a look at the historic milk bottle building, we promise it won't take but a minute (also ask to see our bathroom, someone left some pretty cool art in there!) Parking is available on the north and east side of the building, along the park, at CVS, and the old grocery store building.
In other news...we attended the Junklahoma sale and event in Piedmont, sponsored by the Old Store.
What a great event it was too, the nicest folks worked really hard to make a smooth running and fun event for vendors and shoppers alike. It was one day only, but it appeared that the vendors all had great sales and the shoppers went home with their treasures and all at a bargain price. It's a win, win situation or is that a win, win, win situation? Either way it was great fun and got us to thinking some. Why haven't we ever thought of that before? Instead of staying in one spot waiting on the customers to come to us, which is good, why not go set up shop where the customers are already gathering. We learned that this was a great idea after participating in the OKC Pop-Up shops last Christmas. So, we've decided to take off from time to time see a little bit of the country, meet some new folks, head to some antique shows and spread a bit of Prairie Gothic around. So stay tuned and we will keep you informed about when and where we will popping up again!


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